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 With over 30 years of experience in the legal field, Mark R. Steffen is a seasoned criminal and family law attorney. Our staff is comprised of former prosecutors and law enforcement officers which gives us a distinct advantage should your case go to trial. We offer FREE initial consultations, flexible scheduling options, and payment plans to help make obtaining quality legal counsel convenient and affordable. 

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Let us help you understand the criminal legal process

 When you are facing serious criminal charges, it is important to understand the legal process. At Mark R. Steffen, we can offer experienced, aggressive representation every step of the way. 

Criminal Investigation:

 Ensure your Constitutional rights are not violated  when you secure quality legal counsel. You can benefit from consulting  with an attorney even before criminal charges have been officially filed. 

Arrest Process:

 Did probable cause exist for your arrest? Were you  properly read your Miranda rights? We may be able to help you get  criminal charges dismissed before the case is even set for trial by  challenging these and other procedural violations in a Pre-Trial Motion. 

Criminal Charges:

 Charges can be challenged during this initial phase  of criminal prosecution if they've been filed without sufficient evidence.  Let us evaluate the severity and strength of your case and negotiate  a plea agreement if you do not wish to challenge the charges you face. 

Bond Hearings:

 After being charged with a felony, your bail will be set by  a judge during a bond hearing. This is an important part of the process  because it determines how long you may have to be held in county jail.  At Mark R. Steffen, we have handled thousands of these hearings and  can help ensure your bail is set at the lowest amount possible. We are  also frequently successful at getting our clients released on their own  recognizance, without having to post any bail at all. 

Preliminary Hearings:

 You have the right to demand a Preliminary  Hearing in which your case must proceed to hearing within 30 days or  be indicted by a Grand Jury. We are frequently able to get charges  dismissed at this phase of the process due to lack of Probable Cause. 


 As former prosecutors and law enforcement officers, we have a  distinct advantage if your case goes to trial. We will provide the  aggressive representation you need and exert every legal means  necessary to ensure your trial has a favorable outcome. 


 Minimize the consequences of your conviction when you  turn to us for help. We have spent years developing relationships with  the Assistant State’s Attorneys and the Judiciary, which allows us to  negotiate favorable plea agreements and fair sentencing on your behalf. 


 We can help you examine your case to determine if there are  sufficient grounds to appeal your conviction. 

When you're facing criminal charges, call us immediately for help minimizing the consequences.